Seminar: Ramadan – Fiqh of fasting

On the weekend before Ramadan this year we organised a one day seminar in conjunction with the Muslim Students Association of Zurich entitled “Ramadan – Fiqh of Fasting.”

If you were unable to attend the seminar we are making the audio files from the seminar available to you.

      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 1
      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 2
      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 3
      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 4

In the final session, Sh. Mohammed discussed the Ramadan Battle Plan. The PDF of this file can be downloaded for your personal use by clicking here.

Lecture: Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah by Sh. Mohammed Cheppih

Below are parts 1 & 2 of the 4-part lecture series “Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah” delivered in Zurich.

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      Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah - Pt 1


      Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah - Pt 2


Lecture: Who are your role models? by Sh. Mohammed Cheppih

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      Who are your role models?