About Us

Who are we? Coming from different backgrounds, we are a group of Muslims who live in different parts of Switzerland; we all have full-time jobs, and all of our work on this project is done on an individual basis. SwissMuslimEvents is not affiliated with any organisation in Switzerland or abroad, though we are happy to cooperate with other organisations where the opportunity arises.

Educating People. Islamic knowledge is like an ocean, and there is always something new to learn. To this end, we will be arranging regular lectures and seminars across different Cantons on topics as diverse as the sciences of Islam, Muslim History and Muslim Identity in the modern world. We also plan to hold workshops to explore issues that affect Muslims in Switzerland directly.

Exploring Switzerland. It’s not all talk, talk, talk. We want Muslims to travel and experience the sights and sounds of this beautiful country we live in. So whether it’s bike rides along the lake, or hiking up a mountain, we’re hoping to organise something soon which will be of interest to you.

Why English? Why not? Switzerland has a very large expat community and there isn’t much going on that caters for the needs of Muslims who are yet to pick up the local language(s). In addition, by using English we tap into large segments of the Swiss population who already know the language.

Can I help? Of course! Get in touch by filling in the form here. While we are based initially in Zurich, we are keen to make links with Muslims across all of Switzlerland to help us arrange and host events. If you have any good ideas, please write!