School project [EN]

We are currently in the process of setting up a supplementary school for Muslim children in the Zurich-Stadt area. This school will offer after-school classes with the aim of supporting our children achieve top marks in their schools and at the same time educating them on key Islamic topics.

Teaching only in German, the initial plan is to offer classes twice a week, and then to eventually expand to 4 times a week including offering social activities on Wednesday afternoons.

To help us setup the school, we would be grateful if you would complete the questionnaire below (it should only take a minute).

jazakumullahu khair


1. What are the most important topics that the supplementary school should offer to students?

GermanMathematicsIslamic StudiesQur'an recitation

2. Which other topics do you think the school should teach:

3. How long should the classes each day be?

1 hr long1.5 hrs long2 hrs long

4. Typically a masjid running a 3-hour Saturday school charges 50CHF per month per child. How much would you be ready to pay for your child to attend the school (based on four hours of tuition a week).

5. How far would you be prepared to travel to send your children to supplementary classes?


6. What is your postcode? This information will help us decide where to set up the first schools.

If you would like us to contact you when the school opens please provide your email address below: