Seminar: Social Etiquette in the QurÂ’an

SwissMuslimEvents was pleased to present a seminar in association with the Muslim Students Association of Zurich on the topic of Social Etiquette in the Qur’an.

Humans are social creatures, and across the span of our lifetimes we experience relationships with different types of people: our parents, our spouses, neighbours, fellow Muslims, workers. Some have rights that others don’t, and some have rights which if we do not take care of will have an impact on our standing in front of Allah.
Amongst the themes discussed in the seminar were the following:

  • Personal etiquette
  • Etiquette with family
  • Communal Etiquette
  • Financial etiquette
  • … and more

About the speaker

Sh. Ahdeeb Khatib completed memorisation of the Quran at the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, along with a six year study of various disciplines including Qira’at, Tafseer and Fiqh. He attained Alimiyyah at Darul Uloom in Blackburn and completed a degree in Science and Mathematics at the University of Huddersfield, and first year PGCE at the University of Hull.
He has lectured in New Jersey America, Cambridge College, Leeds, and has also conducted Quranic Intensive courses

If you were unable to attend the seminar we are making the audio files from the seminar available to you.

      Social Etiquette in the Qur’an part 1
      Social Etiquette in the Qur’an part 2
      Social Etiquette in the Qur’an part 3
      Social Etiquette in the Qur’an part 4
      Social Etiquette in the Qur’an part 5
      Social Etiquette in the Qur’an part 6

Seminar: Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism

Alhumdulillah, this course was well attended with approximately 65 attendees spending the day with us.

Before a Muslim learns about the intricate matters of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), or the science of authenticating of hadith, or even learning the Arabic grammar, there is a far more important topic to understand – a topic that defines what a Muslim is.
Sh. Fraz Farhat did a great job explaining some of the fundamentals of Tawheed and we hope to invite him back later to build on what he taught us at this seminar.

Amongst the topics presented at this seminar were:

  • Definitions of Aqeedah and Tawheed
  • Shirk – its meaning and dangers
  • Categories of Shirk
  • Allah’s Lordship (Tawheed Ruboobiyah)
  • Allah’s Right of worship (Tawheed al-Uluhiyyah)
  • Allah’s Names and Attributes (Tawheed al-Asmaa was-Sifaat)
  • The meaning and the excellence of the Shahadah

About the speaker

Sh. Fraz Farhat graduated in Engineering from the University of Leeds. In 2000, he graduated from the University of Medina from the faculty of Islamic Law.
As well as a translator of Arabic works, he is a guest on the popular TV show Islam Q&A, and also occasionally teaches for AlKauthar Institute in the UK.

To start the audio playback please click on the arrow.

      Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism part 1
      Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism part 2
      Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism part 3
      Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism part 4
      Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism part 5
      Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism part 6


Seminar: Ramadan – Fiqh of fasting

On the weekend before Ramadan this year we organised a one day seminar in conjunction with the Muslim Students Association of Zurich entitled “Ramadan – Fiqh of Fasting.”

If you were unable to attend the seminar we are making the audio files from the seminar available to you.

      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 1
      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 2
      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 3
      Ramadan - Fiqh of Fasting Session 4

In the final session, Sh. Mohammed discussed the Ramadan Battle Plan. The PDF of this file can be downloaded for your personal use by clicking here.

Vortrag: Der Prophet (saw) und die Jugend

Anlässlich des SwissMuslimEvents BBQ für die Aktiven der Islamischen Jugendverbände am Freitag 14. Juni 2013, sprach Imam Muris Begovic Efendi über den Propheten (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) und die Jugend.

Imam Muris lud daher die Jugendlichen ein, sich im Freien, in den Wäldern über der Stadt Zürich, um ihn zu setzen um über die Sunnah des Propheten (saw) zu berichten und ermunterte die TeilnehmerInnen aktiv an diesem Referat teilzunehmen.

Hier sind einige Eindrücke sowie das Referat von Imam Muris: ‘Der Prophet (saw) und die Jugend’

Um das Referat zu starten, bitte den Pfeil anklicken (please click the arrow)

      Der Prophet (saw) und die Jugend