Lecture: What if Rasoolullah was living amongst us?

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Sat. 13 Oct 2012
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Islamische König Faysal Stiftung

SwissMuslimEvents are pleased to announce a lecture by Sh. Muhammad Cheppih to be held in Basel. The topic of his lecture should give pause for thought to every Muslim: “What if Rasoolullah alaihis-salaatu-was-salaam was living amongst us?”

SwissMuslimEvents invites you and your friends and family to attend this free event which the Islamische König Faysal Stiftung has kindly agreed to host.

About the speaker

Sh. Muhammad was born in Morocco hailing from a family known for their scholarship and leadership down the years. Following in their footsteps, by the age of 9 he had already memorised a third of the Qur’an and was leading tarawih prayers. His study of Islamic sciences continued following his family’s move to Holland until when at the age of 18 he was invited to study at the Islamic University of Medinah where after several years of study he graduated from the Faculty of Da’wah and Usul ud-Din.

Sh. Mohammed then worked in different positions, including relief and humanitarian work during the Kosovo-war for the Saudi Joint Relief Committee, and also the Muslim World League as head of the Dutch office. He most recently moved to the Radar Group, a Dutch agency specialising in social issues, where he currently works as Manager and focuses on issues pertaining to Islam, social cohesion, and identity.

In the Netherlands Sh. Mohammed is a well-known speaker, opinion maker and community leader.

To view Sh. Muhammad’s full schedule during his October visit to Switzerland please click on the poster below to enlarge.


* This lecture is open to everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims and will be held in a mosque, it is therefore, requested that anyone wishing to attend wear modest attire (i.e. legs, shoulders & tops of arms covered).

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