Green Deen: What the Quran teaches us about the Environment

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Tue. 1 May 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Green Deen

What the Quran teaches us about the Environment

Climate change and the pollution of our environment have become a global challenge in recent years. Communities around the world have realized that we as humanity have to change our way of living. If we carry on with our wasteful lifestyles we will destroy the globe for our future generations.

In this talk our guest speaker Dr. Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz will present us what the Quraan has to say about the environment. What is our role as humans on this earth? How should we treat nature? Is saving the environment a religious duty for Muslims? Questions like this will be discussed during his talk.

You are more than welcome to join this lecture and we are looking forward to your attendance.

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