Seminar: Light upon Light – The Nature of Imaan

SwissMuslimEvents was pleased to present this seminar in association with the Muslim Students Association of Zurich [MSAZ] on the subject of Imaan in Islam.

We hope to post soon the Audio files to share the insight provided by Sh. Fraz Farhat.


We also had the opportunity to be introduce into a new project run by the University of Luzern by Dr. Tunger-Zanetti.


Amongst the topics covered during the seminar were:

the definition and nature of imaan

the fluctuation of imaan

causes for the increase and strengthening of imaan

causes for the decrease and weakening of imaan

making a personal imaan-development plan

About the speaker

Sh. Fraz Farhat graduated in Engineering from the University of Leeds. In 2000, he graduated from the University of Medina from the faculty of Islamic Law.

As well as a translator of Arabic works, he is a guest on the popular TV show Islam Q&A, and also occasionally teaches for AlKauthar Institute in the UK. This will be his second seminar in Zurich.